About Cottonbook

Forest Sprite Home Life Banner by Lucy Kagan


Cottonbook started as illustrator and designer Lucy Kagan’s dreamy and light-hearted illustrated world on paper, and has grown to encompass all of the surfaces where she puts her paintings.

In 2017, Cottonbook launched a clothing line focused on pretty pieces for lazy days and comfort. Each piece features a whimsical hand-painted print. Our first line, Forager, was entirely handmade in Pennsylvania, USA, and our next, Little Ida's Flowers, was handmade in Brooklyn by a master seamstress, making each piece unique and well-crafted. 

Cottonbook Goods
Since moving in 2018 to Raleigh, North Carolina, Lucy’s home town, Cottonbook has decided to slow down on dresses in favor of introducing new products such as accessories and stationery. This shift over the coming years will not completely abandon clothing, a huge passion of ours, but will be focused in limited releases of items such as skirts and screenprinted tops. Our switch to Cottonbook Goods over time will include notebooks, planner items, stickers, wooden pins, enamel pins, and soon, home items as well. We’re most excited about making the printed fabric from all of our dress releases available to purchase so that home seamstresses can make their own completely personalized creations using Cottonbook prints.

In-Person Events for 2019
Cottonbook is slated to appear at Animazement in Raleigh, NC in May, Queen City Anime Con in Charlotte, NC in August, and Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda, MD in September.

More work by Lucy Kagan is available at lucykagan.com

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