Hazel Issue IV is Live on Kickstarter!

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Who is Hazel?

Hazel is our reader, a witch starting off on a journey to a new town, to settle in, to find her place in the world. She is learning about herself, the world around her, and how to survive the tumult of day-to-day challenges. With a little magic, and plenty of good friends by her side, she’s doing her best and finding her niche.

Hazel, the Witches’ Lifestyle Zine

We imagine all our Hazels sitting in a comfy library chair, under a tree, or at a cafe, reading her witches’ lifestyle magazine - it’s everything from style guides to how to throw a tea party, all with witchy flair. This issue will be focusing on ritual, as seen as a full spectrum from self care and health to spiritual practices. The Hazel zine seeks to give women a voice to talk about their own experiences in these fields, without pushing any one of those experiences as one right and true way. We want to learn more about each other’s lives to in a way learn about our own, but we know to take what we need and leave what we don’t. The Hazel reader is curious, clever, and creative, and we speak to those characteristics in her.

Hazel started as an idea in creator Lucy Kagan’s mind for a witches’ lifestyle blog, since she was looking for lifestyle content and guidance that had a more fantastical spin to it. The search for a way to bring out the magic in everyday life led her to eventually create Hazel Issue I, entirely her own work. Still too shy to reach out, the initial Kickstarter for issue one was unsuccessful, but Lucy was able to produce it anyway. After reading, friends asked about contributing to issue two, and so Hazel Issue II: Coven was born, drawing on the idea of a coven as a group of women contributing their inner powers, talents, to this effort. The response from the readers was that of enjoying the calm and peacefulness that reading Hazel brought, and Lucy reached out even further to bring in other talented friends for Hazel Issue III: Magic Words. This was the first year that another Kickstarter was attempted and reached great success. Its goal was modest, and the team was able to surpass it with their combined efforts and audiences. Now, the team is hoping to grow Hazel even more.

Raising Funding for Issue IV on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a platform for raising funding that only lasts for a short period, and is an all-or-nothing model, meaning that if we don’t hit our funding goal, we don’t get any money at all. We only have until the end of August, so the more pledges we can get and the more we can spread the word in that time, the more likely we are to be able to reach our funding goal. We have modestly estimated our goal for the minimum we need to produce the book and pay our artists, but we’ve also set stretch goals for ourselves, which can help us pay the contributors a fair wage.

Learn more here, join us, and get your copy reserved today! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lucykagan/hazel-a-witches-lifestyle-zine-issue-iv-ritual?ref=dsvweq

Our biggest focuses in our funding:

  • We are paying the artists $50 per work if we hit our minimum goal.

  • This small fee would not cover even close to minimum wage for the amount of hard work these artists have done, but it’s the least we can offer them.

  • If we can raise more money, we can pay them closer and closer to the true value of their works.

  • Besides paying for printing costs, we love offering little goodies that carry the magic of Hazel with them. This includes stickers, prints, wooden pins, and maybe…

  • Our highest stretch goal at the moment would not only get our artists at least $100 each and fund all our printing/manufacturings costs, but also, an original tote bag!

  • This would be the first year we can offer an original Hazel tote bag design, and we can’t wait to reveal it!

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We have more pieces than ever this year, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign and help bring Hazel Issue IV to life!

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