Autumn at Cottonbook

Rufflecon Fashion Show - Cottonbook

There's a lot that's been going on at Cottonbook this past few months, so it's been difficult to find the time to share it with everyone. One major thing that's affected our schedule is the health of our designer and our seamstress. Lucy got carpal tunnel from her textile design day job back in August, and is still recovering from it even now. This has made it difficult to go on the computer or to draw and paint, so updates have slowed down a lot on our end. Meanwhile, Michelle's many chronic illnesses have been taking a turn for the worse, and she will only be able to complete what's already been ordered and possibly to stay on as our pattern-maker. We are currently looking for a new seamstress to fill this void, who could take a prototype and use it as the basis for creating patterns and properly-sewn garments. 

There's also much more positive news - Cottonbook showed at the Rufflecon fashion show for the first time ever this past weekend, and it was a delight! We also sold a few things down in the vendors' hall, and enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. We unveiled the spring collection, Little Ida's Flowers, which is all flowy chiffon. The secret to the print is this: Lucy wanted to design a floral print, but with something that made it special, so amongst all the flowers is a little tiny lady who makes the garden her home. Look for her snail friend, too! 

As we look for a new seamstress, we must delay the preorder launch for Little Ida's Flowers, so please keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. We'll post more previews on social media so that you can see everything close up. Can't wait!

Lucy Kagan