It's Cottonbook's birthday! We're stepping onto the scene for the first time today, so why don't we take a minute to tell you what we're all about?

The Cottonbook brand was created by designer and illustrator Lucy Kagan, a lolita and lover of mori-girl and otome kei among other J-fashion styles. And that's me - a busy designer who, like many J-fashion aficionados, wears plain mainstream fashion to work, and wants to use every weekend as an opportunity to wear the clothes I'm passionate about. Some weekends, though, you're tired, you're just lazing around the house, or you're running errands, and full-on lolita is a little too much. Still, I don't want to pass up the opportunity to wear something cute! Hence, the invention of a brand that would make easy-to-wear clothes that let me incorporate my style into my lazy days, too. 

Design and illustration are what I'm good at, so part two was trying to find my seamstress. Michelle Corso works in the biology department at a university during the day time, but luckily for Cottonbook, she loves to come home and get deep into sewing and custom tailoring. Michelle is a great partner, since she can create all of our patterns in addition to making alterations to each dress so that it fits the wearer as they desire! Her greatest addition to our debut Forager series of dresses will be the much sought-after pocket. Thank goodness for pockets!!

So, each of our dresses is handmade, and we'll soon be adding some tights and enamel pins that we're sourcing from some trusted vendors who will turn our designs into excellent products you'll want to wear every day. Hope you'll join us in our storybook village world we've created. We can't wait to see how you wear Cottonbook!

Lucy Kagan