Piles of Fabric and Lace - New York City J-fashion Events, July & August

Janam Tea BtSSB 2017 Tea Party

Lolita events are always a visual feast (and sometimes a literal one, too), so I like to go to as many as possible. I always enjoy meeting other lolitas and seeing my friends, and the best time to put together our most elaborate outfits is always at a big tea party event. This July, Tokyo Rebel hosted its third anniversary tea party since reopening after the recession. For the first time, it was in an offsite venue, a wonderful tea parlor that no one knew existed until we went, and now we all want to go back - Janam Tea at Garfunkel's. 

Janam Tea Service

We all had a great time seeing everyone's outfits, having tea, seeing exclusive previews of dresses by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and having a coordinate contest. Afterwards, we walked back to the shop together for the start of the summer sale. In addition to seeing my wonderful friends, including Nina the professional magical girl enthusiast (@ninapedia on tumblr and instagram) whose recent zine I contributed to, Stephanie of Fifi and Cheesecake, and Julie of the Etsy shop Sweet Juju, Amy of the Jpop culture shop Sugee NJ, and also getting to mingle with the designer for Atelier Sucre and The Bloody Tea Party. I confess I was a little too shy to speak to the designers for Mossbadger and I Do Declare, but it was so nice to have a little gathering of designers there! Next time!

Earlier in July, we also went to the ballet Whipped Cream by Alexei Ratmansky, featuring the art of Mark Ryden, which was of course very saccharine and slightly eerie! A couple of friends and I started off the day at brunch at Maison Kayser. 

There's a lot going on in New York! Next, I'll have to tell you about all my tea-hunting adventures. Until next time~!

Lucy Kagan