Cottonbook x Hazel Stationery Launch

Cottonbook Stationery

With the successful completion of the Hazel Issue III Kickstarter, I worked on a set of stickers and soon wooden pins to thank everyone for their backing. I loved the way these witchy seals came out, and I knew Cottonbook fans would, too, so I didn’t stop there - the delightful Hazel laptop stickers are now available in the Cottonbook shop for all, and are the first products in Cottonbook’s new stationery line!

This is a line I can’t wait to see flourish and fill out with lots more new paper goods for all us woodland maidens. This month, we launched not only the Hazel laptop stickers, but also a little sticker sheet of Hazel goodness, and biggest of all, the Cottonbook notebooks! Still obsessing over our Forager and Little Ida’s Flowers prints, I had to have them on these lovely notebooks with dotted pages. I really love having that little bit of structure for my writing to keep it level, but also having the freedom to escape the usual lined paper. Somehow, the dots just feel a little extra whimsical to me and always spark my creativity. There’s a blank spot on the front to write your name or the subject of the notebook, too!

Cottonbook Stationery 2

Look forward to lots more filling out the Cottonbook stationery line in the coming year. Our Fall release ends with original Christmas, Solstice, and holiday cards which can be purchased as digital downloads to print your own at home.

I’m going on a big vacation very soon, so the shop will be mostly closed up except for preorders of printed cards and the DIY print-at-home downloads, so be sure to grab any last-minute purchases before November 14th!

Cottonbook at Anime NYC

Cottonbook is looking forward to getting its own table at Anime NYC this year, so come check us out in person. We’ll have lots of goodies that you won’t be able to buy online, including original dresses and skirts that I made myself as one-offs. Can’t wait to see you there!

Cottonbook Possum Sticker
Lucy Kagan