Plant Zine Announcement

plant parent sticker by cottonbook

The start of this year has been a time of slow growth and quiet recuperation for me with Cottonbook, and I am making this my focus for the whole next two months while I work on healing my injured hands, creating a healthy rhythm of life and work, and beginning new projects. On a whim, I ordered a set of these Proud Plant Parent stickers in anticipation of one of my first big projects of the year, a new zine centered around botanical life.

Of my new year resolutions and goals, I wanted to make a new zine - I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time on several different themes, so this will be the first to make it onto paper. It’s very slow going, but I hope to have this one out by March, and my dear friend has offered to be my project manager for it. It’s extremely casual having her on for this, but this will ramp us up to managing the newest issue of Hazel this year, which will be a bigger undertaking than ever, as we will be opening it up to submissions. I’ll be so happy to have her support on this, or it might be too overwhelming! I can’t wait to see what people send in. Keep an eye out in May and June for more info!

I hope you’ll enjoy my plant zine when it’s finished and all the extra goodies that I’m including. What do you want in a plant zine, and what kinds of goodies would you love to come with it?

Lucy KaganComment