Hazel Issue IV: Ritual Coming to the Shop

Hazel Issue IV: Ritual by Cottonbook Press

Issue I of Hazel (not pictured) was a small print run of 100 copies after my first foray into Kickstarter failed, being too shy to promote my work still as I lived in an attic apartment in New Jersey and commuted in to work at my home textiles job in New York, fairly isolated and unsure of what I should be doing. I went ahead and produced the books out of my own pocket, and sold to those who had supported the Kickstarter back then. That rocky start was actually my first bit of gained confidence in that setting. I hadn’t been sure I could make a 30-page book by myself, that I could finish all the work it entailed, and now I had.

Now, three years later, Issue IV of Hazel has just finished its successful Kickstarter to fund a run of 300 books, and I was nervous if it was enough copies. With 26 total contributors, I’m still not sure I ordered the right amount for how many people ordered the book and how many the contributors want to sell on their own at conventions to support themselves. Hazel Issue I is sold out, save for my personal stash of original copies, and although I’ve been asked about doing another print run, I’ve been hesitant to go through that process again with the first book, which I now look fondly upon, but see all the things I would change about it. This issue is so different from where it started, in that it wasn’t just me, but plenty of friends old and new, and the pages number 76, filled with all kinds of ideas I would never have thought to explore. The profit margin is much smaller, so I don’t expect to sell it in any stores, but I love what it has become, and couldn’t cut a thing from it.

Issue IV will be in the shop October 15th, so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, please do pick up this volume filled with tender moments of daily life and enchanting suggestions for a magical day. The witches’ lifestyle zine continues, thanks to everyone who supported our campaign this year, and we look forward to lots more fun stuff to come as we begin delivering the books to you. Best wishes for this most enchanted season.

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