Plant Life - A Botanical Zine in Final Three Days of Kickstarter

Plant Life Zine Cottonbook homepage.jpg

This spring has been reawakening with new energy and joie de vivre, but with new enthusiasm comes old habits of working too hard and exhausting my hands, plagued by cubital tunnel syndrome. I want to share my creative process behind Cottonbook with everyone, but I still am searching for balance. How do I get better, but still keep you in the loop when the computer is such a source of trouble for me?

These are the problems I’m facing behind the scenes, but meanwhile, I’m so excited with what beautiful things are happening. Plant Life is one of my most exciting projects to date - I love small, quiet, poetic projects that push me further and create a moment of peace that can be passed around to others. I can’t wait to see this book in person. It’s digest sized, like Hazel, but with slightly shorter dimensions. It’s 28-pages of full color illustrations, essays, and a poem in the form of a comic. I love it.

These are the final three days for the Kickstarter - it ends March 20th at around 9pm EST, and it’s already gone above and beyond thanks to everyone who’s supporting the project and ordering their own copy. My books and zines are perhaps my favorite thing to make, and I can’t say how proud I am for making all of the 30+ new illustrations required for this project. I want to put on a gallery show with the originals after this! I hope you’ll join me.

Best wishes,

Lucy Kagan