Springtime at the Cottonbook Studio - New Items Release

Cottonbook - Mushroom Washi Tape - Lucy Kagan

In North Carolina, spring starts anywhere from late March to mid April, with the crocuses opening, and lasts usually only about to the beginning of May, when the azaleas have dropped their last few blossoms. By the time Memorial Day rolls around, it’s usually sweltering hot already, and it feels like summer has really begun. Luckily this year, we’re experiencing some cool weather in the middle of the month, and I certainly hope it lingers a bit. The bugs slow down, and one can go outside again for a good amount of time before getting bitten too badly.

Lots of lovely things have come in the mail over here at the studio this spring, and I’ve been waiting to share them with you. Our local anime convention, Animazement, is at the end of the month, and I have begun to realize that many of the products currently in the shop may no longer be available by the time the convention finishes, so… better grab things quickly! I had been waiting to share this beautiful new gold foil washi tape with you, but unfortunately, nearly all the rolls have a flaw in them that the manufacturer has not explained yet. Bad news for the shop, but good news to those who like discounts and don’t mind a stray marking here and there!

What else? It’s hard to beat washi tape with me, but stickers and wooden pins are my two other biggest favorites this month. Here are a few sneak previews below, and I’ll be trying to get all these things up by the end of the week if I can. I’ve been busily gardening for an elderly friend and making repairs on a place I intend to move into soon, so it’s been a packed season, but I’m always excited with what I’m working on. I already have a new fabric print in the works, and I hope it’s finished soon, and of course, the plant zine, Plant Life, is now in the shop! Happy Spring~

New Arrivals in Cottonbook Goods
Wooden Pins SP19 by Cottonbook
Lucy Kagan