Brunch Friends Date Skirt Release & Original Fabric!

I’ve been so excited for this print since I finished the artwork, and now that it’s finally here, I’m in love! The fabric arrived from Spoonflower, the fabric printing company, and I made this skirt the same day. Reservations for the made-to-order skirts are now up in the shop, which means that you can give us your waist measurement, and we’ll make a skirt just for you to fit that measurement. I’m still working on the skirts in the other colorways, but I ran out of elastic and haven’t been free to go to the store for a while (I’m simultaneously teaching some art summer camps for kids).

These made-to-orders can include a bow, but it won’t be as big as this showy one I made here for the photos. I like these being pretty simple skirts that I would wear to any brunch occasion, with lolitas or with other friends and family. That being said, you now will have the freedom to make your own bows and other accessories - in fact, this fabric can become anything you want!

By releasing this fabric on Spoonflower for you to use, now anyone can make things with my prints, from headbows to full dresses, and even home accessories or casual tops for everyday wear. Now that I think about it, I’d love to have a plain tee in this design! You can order any type of fabric they have, not just the cotton sateen that I used here, so even knits and canvas can be used. On top of that, all the previous Cottonbook prints, from Forager to Little Ida’s Flowers are available on any fabric you like! Get out your Otome no Sewing books; it’s time to sew!

Pick up your fabric here in the Spoonflower Shop

I can’t wait to see how people get creative! Here are a few great tutorials for making your own skirt, tote, headbow, and one piece:

Simple Skirt
Many Lolita Sewing Guides

And even more compiled here at F Yeah Lolita:

Lucy Kagan