Flower Society Seal 2.5" Wooden Pin

Flower Society Seal 2.5" Wooden Pin


I love imaginary societies and secret circles. Imagine if the Cottonbook Flower Society became real? Using these badges to identify each other, we could share tips, trade specimens, and enjoy flower shows together. We could sit around arranging stems, listening to music, and sipping sweet drinks, we could cut flowers in our gardens and make boutonnières and garlands, we could blend our own herbal teas and compare notes on the perfect rose jam.

The Cottonbook Flower Society pins were made for the Plant Life zine Kickstarter, as a reward to backers who pledged enough to make the campaign a success. Plant Life is also available in the online shop, and comes highly recommended by the Flower Society.

All you have to do to join is grab a pin!

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