Proud Plant Parent Sticker

Proud Plant Parent Sticker


Whether you've just adopted a hardy sansevieria or you've got a full-fledged greenhouse going on in your space, there's a lot of pride in maintaining the life and health of another growing thing. Kudos to you for doting on your green friend, watering it when it's dry and finding the right sunny spot for it to bask. I'm sure your plant(s) appreciate all your hard work! For outdoor gardeners, co-op growers, community plotters, home botanists, and just really good plant moms and plant dads, I made this sticker for you.

This 3" sticker is large enough to show the detail of the watercolor illustration I painted for each motif, and can easily find a home as a laptop decal, instrument case decoration, or the perfect addition to a bullet journal page about your green thumb. Let's celebrate our connection to nature in and our of our homes.

Cottonbook will be coming out with a botanical zine some time this spring, so keep your eyes out! Featuring everything from plant parenthood to Judy Dench: My Passion For Trees, it will be a must-have for the season of new growth.

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