Mushroom Wonder - Foil Washi Tape

Mushroom Wonder - Foil Washi Tape


Wandering through a mysterious forest, you’re suddenly drawn to the nearly invisible sparkle of a beautiful cluster of mushrooms growing at the base of a very old tree. These could make for a great magic potion, or just a delicious stew, but their potency is yet unknown…

This lovely roll of gold foil washi tape is printed with our original watercolor mushrooms, with an extra bit of sparkle.

What’s the difference between this tape and the discounted listing? The discounted listing is B-grade, meaning it has a flaw. In this case, it is a recurring mark throughout the roll. This listing is for the corrected version, which came out just as intended. Still, if you want to save a few dollars, you can grab the B-grade tape in the shop!

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