Plant Life: A Zine for Plant Lovers

Plant Life: A Zine for Plant Lovers


Over the months of January, February, and March, my world was cold and slumbering, but my kitchen was lit up with greenery. Wanting to share my love of plants and the joy they bring, I spent those months working on a zine, a mini magazine that's self-published, to be filled with plants that all my friends could read and enjoy. After successfully finishing a Kickstarter campaign filled with this little book and other goodies such as stickers, prints, and wooden pins, Plant Life was printed just in time for spring to arrive, and to spread its color and relaxing vibe to even the most northern friends whose spring still hadn't come.

This zine is a little meditation on plants, how we live along side of them, and what I love about them. Its 32 pages are illuminated with watercolor illustrations in all kinds of woodland colors, and the book contains everything from essays to resource guides to a poem in comic form. I love the way that pictures and words can communicate better together, and comics as well as illustrated texts are a wonderful use of that.

If you're a proud plant parent, an aspiring green thumb, an apartment gardener, or a nature lover, I hope this book will bring you joy, and I know it would make a great gift for someone who likes to relax with a cup of hot tea or coffee in the company of their plant babies and flowering family.

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