Brunch Friends Date Skirt

Brunch Friends Date Skirt


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One of my favorite things about my friends is our commitment to brunch. It has everything: breakfast foods, lunch foods, fancy drinks, and often a beautiful location to enjoy as well. This print celebrates all things brunch, including mimosas and bellinis, croissants and toast, and the classic crepe.

Are you a DIY-er, too? Do you want to take a try at making your dream dress with Cottonbook fabric, or matching accessories, a cute tote, throw pillows, a set of curtains, anything your heart desires? We’d like to show you how you can order the fabric yourself and make anything you can set your mind to! Join the Handmade Lolita Community - there are tons of resources out there to make your first lolita skirt, definitely the easiest project in my opinion, as well as any other project you can think of. Ready to put that Otome no Sewing book to the test? Click to pull some yardage from here!

This skirt is 22” long with a 2” high waistband that is shirred with 3/4” elastic in the back only (we are open to requests for full shirring as well, so please include that in your note if you wish to request it). Additional changes can be made such as adding up to 3” to the length free of charge, or shortening the length as well. Please include your waist measurement in the form at purchase so that we can customize your piece to your fit. These skirts are handmade in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What does made to order mean? Each of these skirts is made precisely with your measurements when you place your order. There are no skirts sitting around in a warehouse getting thrown into a bag and sent out. A local seamstress will be adding your order to her list and creating your skirt in the time that it takes her to go from raw materials to a perfectly finished garment. Workload, cutting, sewing, finishing, packaging, and shipping must all be taken into consideration in order to determine the amount of time needed for your order, but we will update you along the way to let you know as each custom order gets ready to make its way to you.

Each skirt has the option for an included complimentary detachable bow, however the bow in the first image is not indicative of size, as it is a promotional sample. Bow measurements will vary slightly per order, but will be around 3" in ribbon width and the finished size will be roughly 6" from corner to corner.

All orders will vary slightly from photos, as these are handmade products, and each has its own unique character as a result. This skirt is unlined organic cotton sateen, and finished with French seams.

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